Family Life Bureau

Family Life Bureau


                                                   The Family Life Bureau Office
                                                              35 Barnes Road
                                                               (The Lantern)  
                                                          Telephone: 579-0168
                                                            or email:



Mission Statement

The Family Life Bureau, in keeping with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, under the auspices of the Archdiocese of St. John's, is committed to the enrichment of all aspects of family life.

The Family Life Bureau, in co-operation with parishes, and/or in collaboration with community agencies, reaches out to families and individuals, through a wide variety programs and counselling services. We respond to people in need with compassion and concern.

The Family Life Bureau, through personal support, seeks to enable people to discover their strengths and prepare them to use their gifts in the development and stability of the family, which is the basic and most significant unit of our society.