Offered through Ruah Counselling Centre

Formerly the Family Life Bureau

Divorce Care | 8 Weeks

Separation and divorce hurts. Learn how to deal with the pain of the past and look forward to rebuilding your life. Topics include: facing your anger, depression & loneliness, kid care, forgiveness, moving on, etc.

Marriage Course  | 7 Weeks

A video series to help enrich your marital relationship. Topics include: communications, conflict resolution, forgiveness, parents and in-laws, good sex, etc. Each meeting is done in the context of a candlelight dessert/coffee.

Enhancing Relationships  | 6 Weeks

Based on John Gray’s video series “Men are From Mars - Women are From Venus”. Topics include: communication, giving and receiving love, lasting intimacy and fulfillment. There will be separate groups for couples and singles.

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