Prayer of the Faithful 

Writing the Universal Prayer (Prayer of the Faithful) takes skill and talent. But you don't have to do it alone. Writing these prayers could be a small group ministry.

  1. Pray for wisdom, creativity and guidance.
  2. Read the scriptural texts for the day and underline key phrases.
  3. List a few images from the liturgical season for which you are writing. For example, Easter would have images of new life, resurrection and mission. 
  4. List the concerns that are on people's minds right now in the parish community, city, nation and world.
  5. Pick one form which you will use for all the intercessions. Eg. "For ____."
  6. Begin writing, playing with the images and scriptural phrases, using the four basic topics from the General instructions of the Roman Missal, #70): 1. Needs of the Church;  2. Public Authorities and the Salvation of the World;  3. Those Burdened;  4. Local Community 
  7. Keep the wording short and tight, checking for "preachy" attitudes or narrow wording. Imagine your assembly. Can they all assent to this prayer?
  8. Speak out loud what you have written. 
  9. Be ready to change it even 5 minutes before Mass if a critical event takes place between the writing of your last draft and Mass. 

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