Update on the Archdiocesan Recent Consultation Meetings

The Strategic Planning Committee completed its promised consultations meetings as of December 2016. As you know we recorded the discussions and feedback received about the Pastoral Zone proposals and committed to post all of the information on our website. The committee is currently organizing the feedback so that it reflects a maximum effort to present this significant amount of information in a manner that allows everyone to better understand and benefit from the feedback received at all 17 meetings.

We are hopeful to have this work completed in March month and will insure that the complete details of each feedback received at each meeting will be posted on our website as we heard it.

In total 1300, parishioners attended the 17 consultation meetings with some 450 people participating in the question and answer sessions.

The committee would like to express its appreciation to all for this extensive and powerful consultation effort.

It has been truly inspiring to witness the commitment, and passion and the fervour of so many people, all energetically engaged in discussions around how best to move our Archdiocese into the future.

Thanks again

Strategic Planning Committee

January 25/2017