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Emotion Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) | 2 Days

Supporting Your Loved Ones Across the Lifespan for Mental Health

Emotion Coaching for Parents and Caregivers

Emotion Coaching is based on Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT): a new and innovative model that enables parents and caregivers to take their rightful place in their child’s life and growth. Parents are the best resource a child has; you will be empowered to engage your child and care for them as they grow into adulthood.

Emotion Coaching teaches “beginner counselling skills” for parents to promote connection, validation and caring for your child. A child who may be struggling with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance use, or other dysfunctional coping strategies. This is a not a new skill for parents, you used these with their child before the child could speak; this workshop will help you remember what you already know.

Different from many of the mainstream models, Emotion Coaching is rooted in the deep belief in the healing power of families across the lifespan.

Emotion Coaching is a very powerful approach where parents and care-givers are taught practical skills and techniques that can be used to sup-port their loved one's recovery regardless of his or her age and/or motivation for change. Parents and caregivers are also supported to work through their own fears and emotional reactions that will no doubt arise throughout the challenging road toward mental health and wellness.

Article: “Parenting Workshop Tackles Mental Health”

Support for Parents - Prevention and Treatment of Mental Health Issues





$325.00/$225.00 for Partner 

Pay by cheque, visa or cash prior to workshop

Please note : Some Insurances and EAP may cover

For more information call: Marie Wall, MA, CCC  - (709) 754 - 4248

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