Columbaria Regulations  

The Archdiocese appreciates your cooperation in complying with these regulations.

The purpose of these regulations is to maintain a uniform quality standard for columbaria appropriate to the dignity and sanctity they deserves.

Columbaria are granite structures with secured covered compartments called 'niches'. These structures are designed for above-ground committal of cremated human remains. The columbaria are placed on a concrete base at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery and the site is designed to provide an appropriate atmosphere for remembrance and meditation.

The "rite of burial" refers to the Church's ritual in which cremated human remains are committed to the ground or a niche in a columbarium. The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's is responsible to maintain the columbaria and ensure the remains are forever undisturbed.

Niches are only available when a death occurs. A niche may be purchased through the funeral home as part of the funeral arrangements, or can be purchased directly from the Archdiocese. Niches will be assigned in single units only and in sequence beginning at the top of each column in the columbarium structure.

Urns used in the columbarium must be constructed of a 'non-biodegradable' material. No biodegradable materials will be permitted in the niches. Niches will only be opened for the committal of cremated remains.

Niche cover engraving is strictly limited to the deceased's name and years of birth and death, to a maximum of 13 characters/spaces per line. Engraving font is 'Roman Classic' with names being 1inch high and dates being % inch high. See illustration below:

John J. Smith


Family Memorials Ltd. has been granted exclusive rights to engrave niche covers. Engraving permits are required for all niche cover engravings.

Flowers and ornaments are not permitted on the niche covers or on the columbarium site. Cemetery staff will remove all such placements on a regular basis.

See Fee Schedule

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Columbarium Instructions (July 2014)

Purchasing a Niche

There are two sizes of  niches = 12" and 15". When purchasing a niche and choosing urns, families should consider what their ultimate plans are for the total number of urns to be placed in the niche and the names to be engraved on the front panel. This will determine which size niche is required. Companion urns must have both compartments full before they can be placed in the Niche.


Subject to available space on the niche panel, one porcelain medallion (maximum 2" by 2.5") may be added to the panel. Medallions are supplied and installed by Family Memorials at a cost of $250 + tax.

Flowers & Ornaments

Flowers may be placed at the base of the columbaria at the time of committal. These will be removed by cemetery staff on a regular basis. Attachments to the niche panels and placement of permanent ornaments is not permitted. Canopies are not permitted on the columbarium site.


Niches are individually secured with stainless steel security doors and individually numbered keys. Keys are held in security by the Archdiocese. Niches are opened by the Archdiocese for committals only.


Families must contact Family Memorials Ltd. directly to obtain engraving services. Temporary markings will be placed after each committal. Permanent engraving will be done as weather and granite conditions permit. Engraving cots per name is $310 + tax. 

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