Chancery & Marriage Tribunal


The Chancery Office deals with issues relating to the law of the Church. It is a resource for people—lay people as well as priests-- who require or seek information about Church laws or regulations.  

The Chancery also has a role that relates to marriages celebrated in the Archdiocese. For example, when a Catholic wishes to marry a person who is not baptized, or when a Catholic person seeks permission to celebrate his/her marriage in a church other than a Catholic church, the priest who is preparing that couple for marriage will apply to the Chancery Office for the necessary permission.


Marriage Tribunal

The primary purpose of the Marriage Tribunal Office is to process marriage nullity applications. The office promotes one central key message; the availability of an examination of a broken marriage to see if a declaration of nullity can be granted.

The main goals and objectives of the office include; continuing to be available and to make information available.

The office’s specific key audiences are:

  • Catholics who are divorced
  • divorced non-Catholics who may want to marry a Catholic
  • Clergy

The Marriage Tribunal wishes to inform key audiences that the service is there and available.

Tribunal Members

Judicial Vicar

Archdiocesan Tribunal

Associate Judicial Vicars

Halifax Regional Tribunal

Msgr. Francis Puddister, J.C.L.


Msgr. Francis Puddister,  J.C.L.

Defenders of the Bond

Reverend Edward Sutton

Reverend William Brown,  S.J.



Sister Rosemary Ryan,  R.S.M.

Sister Rosaline Hynes,  R.S.M.

Secretary / Notary

Chancery & Marriage Tribunal

Chancery & Marriage Tribunal

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