Hearing Impaired Ministries

Community Services & Outreach

A Christian Ministry intended to serve hearing impaired people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ 

People who are hearing impaired are telling us who they are and what they need for full access.

Let us open our hearts to their hope for meaningful worship experiences and for support in their faith journeys.

Communication Tips

You need to know: each individual’s preferred methods of communication.

  1. Make sure you have the attention of the hearing impaired person before you speak and make eye contact. If speaking with someone who can read lips, speak slowly and clearly without raising your voice. 
  2. Do not place your hands in front of your face and lips when talking. 
  3. Use paper and pen to write a simple message or use sign language even if you know a little. During the social gatherings, introduce hearing impaired members to your friends with the aid of a sign language interpreter.


Your church may have members with different levels of hearing loss. Take the opportunity to find out what they require and make sure their church home is accessible. Full accessibility is not always easy, but there are many options to make our congregations or groups accessible depending on the needs of our members.

The following parishes provide enhanced sound systems to assist those hard of hearing:

  • Holy Trinity, Torbay
  • Holy Family, Paradise
  • St. Patrick's, St. John's


Through Hearing Impaired Ministries we offer a monthly adult Bible class to reflect on Scripture. Other activities include youth group potluck, BBQ events and movie night. Inter-Denominational Church services are held at Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving for the deaf community, their families and friends.

Services are in Sign Language and are interpreted in voice for friends and relatives. They are held at various churches with representatives from all denominations participating. Regular Church services that are interpreted include First United Church on Park Ave, Mount Pearl, The Salvation Army Citadel on Adam’s Ave, St. Teresa’s Catholic Church on Mundy Pond Road and St. Thomas’ Anglican Church on Kings Bridge Road, St. John’s.

Please contact these churches or the Pentecostal Assemblies of NL for times, etc. The hearing impaired Community and Churches support this Ministry; our hearing impaired community deserves the values of experiencing God’s Love. Everyone is welcome. Send us your email address for upcoming event and newsletter.

Some Ideas:

  • Use an over head projector for hymns (seniors in congregations will also appreciate this support)
  • Provide skilled sign language interpreters and keep the front seats available for participants to see the interpreter better; the interpreter should also be clearly visible.
  • Learn sign language and set up sign language classes for members of your church or group.
  • Have sermons or talks printed and available for hearing impaired members to read
  • Offer a separate hearing impaired worship service or forum.
  • Provide a Bible; the Canadian Bible Society on Elizabeth Avenue offers free copies of the Bible for the hearing impaired.


  • To raise awareness of hearing impaired culture with ministry
  • To commit ourselves to listen to the hearing impaired community.
  • To ensure hearing impaired church members are involved with activities and with other church members.


  • Deaf Missions
  • Sign Language Dictionary

Hearing Impaired Ministries is funded by:

  • Anglican Church of NL
  • Pentecostal Assemblies of  NL
  • Roman Catholic Dioceses of NL
  • The Salvation Army of NL
  • United Church of NL

Community Services & Outreach

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Community Services and Outreach

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