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Evangelization & Catechesis

The Office for Evangelization and Catechesis supports and implements the mandate of the Episcopal Commission for Evangelization and Catechesis. Priority is given to the identification and development of resources in the areas of catechesis for adults, children, and youth within parishes and families. The office seeks to support the formation of those involved in catechetical leadership by researching and communicating trends and innovative strategies in evangelization and catechesis.

We, the Staff of the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis of the Archdiocese of St. John’s believe that catechetical ministry plays an essential role in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

We serve parish leaders by providing formation, direction, support, skill development and resources that promote effective catechesis that spans the whole spectrum of life.

Know WHO you are and WHOSE you are!

When you know WHO you are and Whose you are, you can invite others to join you on the journey, in seeking, in outreach and social action, in prayer and liturgy.

A Parish Community might ask:

  • Who are you? What is the heart and passion of your parish community?
  • Can you define the demographics of your parish community? Who are you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your concerns? What are the longings?
  • What are your values? What do you stand for?
  • How effectively do you utilize the potential treasure of gifts and talents found in your parishioners?
  • What resources are available for the various age groups of people in your parish?
Invite others using 4 simple keys:
Be Aware of Timing 

Use holy days (Christmas, New Year’s, Easter), and holidays (Thanksgiving, July 1st, Valentine’s Day) to invite people in or to welcome inactive Catholics into a renewed connectedness with the community.

Know Your Audience

Get familiar with the demographic profile of your parish including age, ethnic background, life experience, married/not married/want-to-be-married, household income, educational backgrounds.

Use Welcoming, Understandable Language

Make sure that all of your parish communications speak clearly to your parishioners? Avoid jargon, “in-phrases,” acronyms, abbreviations and terminology that would be unfamiliar to your audience.

Remember - Variety is the Spice of Life 

Offer a variety of programs, events and opportunities in a variety of time slots. Advertise using a variety of communication methods.

Bring People Together 
  • Assist People to make connections with one another.
  • Hospitality: Create job opportunities. Make people feel wanted. 
  • Follow-up: Connect newcomers with long-timers.
  • Assimilation: Make people feel needed and appreciated. 
  • Assessment: Create a variety of opportunities for all people to become involved in the Church’s life, and the parish to become engaged with the life of the community and the world around them.
Help Committed Members Invite Others  

Catholics are often shy about inviting others to their church. Here are four simple ways to equip parishioners to be better inviters:

  • Make extra copies of the parish bulletin, newsletters, even business cards to distribute to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and encourage parishioners to take and distribute them.
  • Plan special adult faith formation programs, renewal processes, parish missions and parish family activities designed so parishioners can bring their inactive/unchurched family and friends.
  • Use a variety of communication methods, and share information freely.
  • Design a parish web site that parishioners can share with others.

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