Celebration of the Investiture with the Pallium of Archbishop Hundt

The pallium (from Latin for covering) is a liturgical vestment, symbolizing the fullness of Episcopal (Bishop's) office.  It is a white, woolen, circular, two-inch band worn loosely around the neck, breast, and shoulders. It is ornamented with six black silken crosses and has a weighted pendant front and back. It is worn by the Pope and by metropolitan archbishops and patriarchs. The Metropolitan Archbishop receives a pallium from the Pope or his representative as a symbol of his metropolitan jurisdiction. The pallium is also symbolic of personal loyalty to the Pope and thereby a sign of unity between a local Church and the universal Church.  

The Mass and Ceremony for the Investiture with the Pallium of Archbishop Hundt by the Papal Nuncio to Canada, Archbishop Luigi Bonazzi, took place at the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist on Monday, September 9th.

Learn more about the Pallium here.

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