My Visit with Mr. High Nagle

March 18, 2014

On March 18, 2014 I had the pleasure to visit Mr. Hugh Nangle in Ottawa.

Hugh is the son of Lt. Col. (Padre) Thomas Nangle, C.F., who was the chaplain to the Royal Newfoundland Regiment during World War I, and beloved of the soldiers who fought in that war.

After the War, he was appointed as Newfoundland's representative on the Imperial War Graves Commission as Director of War Graves Registration, Enquiries and Battle Exploits Memorials. He dreamed and made reality the "Trail of the Caribou," the memorials to those who fought, died and survived in World War I, and then was the major fundraiser behind the National War Memorial in St. John's.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Mr. Nangle and the stories we shared. I was delighted to present to Hugh a scrapbook of pictures, poems, reminiscences and other material related to the work and ministry of his father, Lt. Col. Nangle during and after World War I.