Easter Message 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Christ is risen! Throughout the season of Easter, in the prayers of the Liturgy and in the Word of God proclaimed in our midst, we will hear and celebrate the themes of passing from death to life, from darkness to light, from blindness to sight, and from alienation to restoration. Christ is risen from the dead and, with Him, we are offered the hope of resurrection, new life and new hope. This is a powerful hope, and it comes to us this year in the context of a world and a society that cries out for this kind of transformation and renewal. As we look around us, we are aware of and touched by troubling realities. There are increased tensions between nations, bringing the “doomsday clock” closer to midnight. We see more refugees and migrant peoples on the move than at any point in history, fleeing oppression, persecution and violence. We don’t have to look far to be keenly aware of the suffering caused by bullying, harassment and misogyny. In the face of these realities, we dare to celebrate Easter and, the hope, wonder and transformation that Jesus will continue to bring into our world, if we let Him!

This year, I invite you to really live into the Easter story and to compassionately respond to the most pressing human needs of our time and our place, transforming them by your presence, your love, your action. This Easter, each of us can bring the power of Christ’s Resurrection into our world by standing against the powers of oppression and fear. Where there is violence, we can sow peace. Where there is hatred, we can sow love. Where there is sadness, we can sow joy. Where there is harassment, we can sow respect. Where there is misogyny, we can sow equality.  Everywhere in our lives, there are incredible chances to witness to the Easter miracle.

I believe that the power of this good news and this proclamation is guiding us as we continue to implement our Archdiocesan Renewal Plan. Change is an indicator of life, and renewed efforts at collaboration are an indicator of engagement in the work of bringing the power of the Resurrection to bear on our current realities, guiding us to see and implement new ways of sharing resources, personnel, and leadership.

I wish the challenge and hope of the Resurrection to you, your families and our entire Archdiocesan family.  Together, as partners with Jesus Christ, may we dare to embrace new life for all.

In Christ,                                                                                                                                                        Most Reverend Martin W. Currie, D.D.                                                                                  Archbishop of St. John’s

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