Home Again Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization in St. John’s that provides gently-used furniture and household items to individuals and families in need. They work through a referral system of local agencies to help end furniture poverty.  Central to Home Again is a cycle of giving and receiving that provides our most vulnerable citizens the means to create a home by providing furniture and household items with a focus on generating comfort and dignity to the recipients. Getting a good night’s sleep on a proper bed makes moving forward seem feasible. Having a sofa to relax on with family makes life more enjoyable. Being able to offer family and friends a chair to sit on or a table to gather around brings dignity. Home Again helps to build pride in homes and pride in our community.

For further information or to support Home Again with a donation of quality, gently-used furniture, a financial contribution or to volunteer your time as a furniture mover, you can access their website at www.homeagainfb.ca, email them at info@homeagainfb.com or phone them at 709-325-4040.