During each day of May, guided by a calendar with specific intentions, all the Shrines around the world, united in a communion of supplication, through the prayer of the Rosary, will intercede for an end to the pandemic. Thirty Marian Shrines have been entrusted in leading the daily prayer intentions and will take turns leading this prayer throughout the Church while offering the faithful a series of prayer moments for them to participate throughout the entire day. Among the Marian shines chosen is that of Notre-Dame-du-Cap, in Trois-Rivières (Québec). The Holy Father will open and close the month of prayer, on the first and last day of the month. The initiative is inspired from the biblical passage, “from the whole Church unceasingly ascended prayer to God” (Acts 12:5).

The Pontifical Council also informs that the daily prayers will be live broadcast through the official online channels of the Holy See. Further details are available on the Pontifical Council’s website (http://www.pcpne.va/content/pcpne/en.html).