This year we (the St. John’s and Area Council of Churches) had to organize the prayer within the restrictions of pandemic. It took place at Wesley United Church on Patrick Street in St. John’s which is home of radio station VOWR. The prayer was pre-taped and is streamed on Youtube and to be broadcast on VOWR radio at 7:00 pm Sunday, January 24.

The prayer was prepared by The Sisters of Grandchamp, a community in Switzerland. Based on this year’s theme “Abide in my love . . . you shall bear much fruit.” -John 15:1-17 the prayer was divided into three vigils:

  • Abiding in Christ: The unity of the Whole Person
  • The Visible Unity of Christians
  • The Unity of All Peoples and All Creation

While there were no pray-ers in the congregation at the time of taping we hope that availability of this prayer gathering will be an opportunity for many more men, women and children to join in global prayer through this service and through other services taking place in other Christian groups around the world.

May we be united in Christ and may we bear much fruit!