Antiquities and Vestments

The Basilica Museum - Mullock Library is the main repository for antiquities and vestments of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. John's.

Some of the Antiquities and Vestments:

  • Sacred vessels from the Basilica Sacristy and various parishes
  • Pictures of the bishops and archbishops of St. John's, from the first pastor and Perfect Apostolic James Louis O'Donel in 1784 through to the present Archbishop
  • sculpture, The Infant Jesus by renowned Irish sculptor John Edward Carew
  • Archbishop Roche's ermine Cappa Magna, or great cape and other ceremonial vestments
  • A massive lare 19th century reproduction oak table with eighteen chairs, in the "Jacobethan" style
  • A  large collection of books in many languages; the oldest ones dating from the 1500s

Archives & Research

Basilica Museum

Mullock Library

Archdiocesan Archives

Pastoral Centre 

Suite 402, 33 Pippy Place

St. John's, NL

A1B 3X2

T: 709 726 3660


Katie Griffin 


T: (709) 726-3660 


Located on the west side of the Basilica.

The entrance to the main office and reception is in the lane between the Basilica and the original Bishop's residence.