What is Priesthood?


Who is a Catholic Priest?

A Roman Catholic priest is a man called by God to serve Christ and the Church through the reception of the sacrament of Holy Orders. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church states, the priest serves the faithful by building up and guiding the Church in the name of Christ, who is head of the body (CCC #1547). A priest makes a lifelong promise of celibacy and obedience to a bishop or religious superior.?

Who is a Diocesan Priest?

A diocesan priest is under the jurisdiction of a diocesan bishop and is generally assigned to minister within the boundaries of a particular parish in a particular diocese. A diocesan priest spends his time ministering to the people of his parish or his particular pastoral appointment through sacramental and pastoral ministry.

In this day and age why should I consider being a priest?

The ordained priesthood or the vowed religious priesthood is a wonderful life of dedication and service to the people of God. You are not paid a lot of money. You live a pretty simple life. The joys you experience, however, are beyond measure. As a priest you are with people during some of the most significant moments of their lives. You are there to baptize their children and give them first Holy Communion. You are a minister of God's mercy and forgiveness in the sacrament of Reconciliation. You are privileged to walk with young couples as they prepare for and celebrate the sacrament of Matrimony. You witness God's healing presence in the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. You have the opportunity to be with families who have lost a love one, and you celebrate the funeral Liturgy with and for them. These are wonderful sacramental moments when you can be present during the joyful, as well as sorrowful, moments in peoples' lives.?

What qualifications are needed to become a priest?

What qualifications are needed to become a priest? To become a priest one must have a sincere and genuine interest in serving Christ and the Church. The applicant to the Archdiocese must be an unmarried practicing Roman Catholic male at least 18 years of age. The application process usually begins upon the commencement or completion of an undergraduate degree.

What would a typical day in the life of a priest look like?

What would a typical day in the life of a priest look like? Well, to be frank, there is not a typical day in the life of a diocesan priest. Perhaps the only consistent aspect of any day in the priesthood is celebrating the Holy Eucharist and experiencing Jesus in those with whom the priest comes in contact. The needs of a parish family, hospital, etc. are so diverse that it's hard to predict how your day will go. That's part of the great joy in serving God as a diocesan priest.

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